iSCSI/NAS System NDL-3716R/L with 16 x HDD bays

The NASdeluxe NDL-3000R/L iSCSI/NAS System offers NAS, iSCSI and FC (target and initiator) functionality with enhanced management and superior reliability to organizations of all sizes.

Driven by a powerful Areca 12/6 Gbps SAS RAID controller with Dual core 3 GHz CPU, high data transfer rates are possible. Depending on the application, fast 15.000 rpm SAS- or high-capacity SATA HDDs or SSDs can be used simultaneously.

  • iSCSI/NFS failover for high-availability with two systems
  • Expandable with JBODs via SAS expansion port
  • Modular expandable with additional I/O cards
  • Snapshot functionality
  • High data safety through RAID level 6
  • Optional Active-Active iSCSI cluster
  • Open-E DSS V7 software is certified for VMware and Citrix
  • Supports Hyper-V cluster

The NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS is a very flexible and OS independent storage system. There is no additional cost to connect to the NASdeluxe via iSCSI – just use the iSCSI initiator delivered with the client´s OS. If the NASdeluxe works as NAS, no additional driver is needed.

Components with best quality, redundant PSUs and high-availability with RAID level 6 are standard.


Datasheet NDL-3000 R/L iSCSI/NAS system series with X11 board




Open-E operating system:

Open-E Data Storage Server adds new backup cap-abilities, simplified setup and storage management, extensibility, and is especially tuned to provide optimal data throughput and data protection for centralized storage. Open-E DSS increases iSCSI target efficiency by supporting multiple iSCSI initiators on different volumes, without sacrificing NAS performance.

Independent tests have shown that the Open-E storage software is offering one of the best data throughput and  performances. This makes Open-E DSS especially suitable for network environments with many clients or storage applications for multi-video streaming, HDTV and others, needing a high data throughput and I/O. The integrated performance features of the Open-E DSS provide tuning tools like: Multipath I/O (MPIO), teaming of multiple NICs, Jumbo Frames settings, parameter settings of drivers, support for up to 32 CPUs, support for FC-HBA´s, 10/40 GbE Cards, InfiniBand, Intel I/O AT and TCP/IP Offload Engines.