NDL-3000R/L with Open-E DSS V7

Starting on July 2012, for all models of the NDL-3000R/L series, the new Open-E DSS V7 operating system will be included.

What will be new in Version 7?

Open-E DSS V7 will contain some major changes and new features:

  • iSCSI Failover Active-Active Ready
    (functionality can be enabled with seperately purchased license key)
  • New improved GUI with Status Icon and improved iSCSI Failover Configuration
  • Increased number of supported CPU
  • Full focus on 64-bit Architecture
  • New software architecture enabling extended cloud functionality (Coming soon)

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New Firmware with 3TB HDD support available

For a lot of iSCSI/NAS systems we have launched a new firmware with fixed bugs, new features and optimized GUI. To upgrade the systems a firmware version 3.x must be installed before. A new manual (v5) is available too.

Models to run with new firmware: NDL-2400R, NDL-2550T, NDL-2700T, NDL-2700ST, NDL-2700SR, NDL-2800R, NDL-2800SR and NDL-2800R+

Update is only possible if there is v3.x installed on your NAS.

For more Info, please visit our downloads page

New NASdeluxe NDL-21200R and NDL-21600R

NASdeluxe NDL-21200R iSCSI/NAS-System

NASdeluxe NDL-21200R iSCSI/NAS-System

NASdeluxe NDL-21600R iSCSI/NAS-System

NASdeluxe NDL-21600R iSCSI/NAS-System

The 12- and16-bay NASdeluxe systems are perfect for businesses making that leap from medium to large, domestic to international, and behind-the-scenes to household name. When you need speed, security, and data storage to satisfy your company now and when it doubles in size, the NDL-21200R and NDL-21600R is your answer.

NASdeluxe NDL-3xxxR/L now with NFS Failover

Open-E announces its Automatic NAS (NFS) Failover capability as an option for Open-E DSS V6
Now with NAS (NFS) Failover
With automatic NAS Failover Open-E DSS V6 now offers NAS users a notable improvement in functionality, making it the highest performing and most cost-effective storage operating system on the market.

“We are very proud to offer our customers this new software functionality”, states Krzysztof Franek, president and CEO of Open-E. “The development of NAS Failover was a logical follow-on to our already existing iSCSI Failover.”

All NASdeluxe NDL-3xxxR/L iSCSI/NAS systemes come with the full version of Open-E DSS V6 and can be upgraded with NAS Failover.

NASdeluxe supports Apple Mac Time Machine

Mac Time Machine is now supported on the NASdeluxe NDL-2000 series.

Time Machine can be used with NASdeluxe
NASdeluxe-System can be used with Time Machine

Since firmware version the Apple MAC Time Machine support is implemented in NASdeluxe-Systems of the NDL-2000 series and offers to MAC users clearly higher capacities (up to 8 x 2.0 TB HDDs), with at the same time sure RAID-Level 5 and 6.

Time Machine is a smart backup application that not only enables users to restore their Macs to what it looked like in the past, but it also allows users to continue working with their Macs while all backup tasks take place in the background.

One of the main advantages of utilizing a NASdeluxe NAS as backup storage compared to other external HDDs or storage units is that the user’s backup files will be safeguarded with NASdeluxe advanced RAID technology.

Furthermore, connecting Mac Time Machine with a NASdeluxe NAS-System is the simplest thing ever; within a few clicks of a mouse, users will be ready to go.

NASdeluxe NDL-2700ST and NDL-2800SR

The NDL-2700ST and NDL-2800SR bring the latest technology to the table. Headlining is its whopping seven SAS/SATA hard disk bays that accommodate up to a massive capacity of storage. If that isn’t enough, the systems also come equipped with an eSATA port where users can install yet another SATA hard disk.

NASdeluxe NDL-2700ST and NDL-2800SR

To manipulate all of this data quickly, the NDL-2700ST and NDL-2800SR pack an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz processor and four gigabyte of DDR II memory, which allows for more concurrent connections and quicker system response.


NDL-2700ST and NDL-2800SR