NDL-2755T available


iSCSI Ready

NDL-2755T is not only a file server, but it also supports iSCSI initiators. Your server can access NDL-2755T as a direct-attached-storage over the LAN or Internet. There is no easier way to expand the capacity of your current application servers. All storage needs can be centrally managed and deployed. This brings ultimate flexibility to users.

Multiple RAID

NDL-2755T supports multiple RAID volumes on one system. So, you can create RAID 0 for your non-critical data, and create RAID 5 for your mission-critical data. Create the RAID level protection depending on your needs.

Faster and Fastest

NDL-2755T is equipped with a Low Voltage IntelĀ® 1.86GHz Atom D2550 Dual-Core Processor and 2048MB DDR3 system memory, which provides even faster response and more concurrent connections. With its built-in Module compatibility, the NDL-2755T is able to run more applications at the same time.

Cloud Backup (via Plugin)

NASdeluxe supports Dropbox, Amazon S3, ElephantDrive and ownCloud (3rd party plugin) cloud backup functionality!


Go to the NDL-2755T product page for more information: NDL-2755T

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