NASdeluxe NDL-3xxxR/L now with NFS Failover

Open-E announces its Automatic NAS (NFS) Failover capability as an option for Open-E DSS V6
Now with NAS (NFS) Failover
With automatic NAS Failover Open-E DSS V6 now offers NAS users a notable improvement in functionality, making it the highest performing and most cost-effective storage operating system on the market.

“We are very proud to offer our customers this new software functionality”, states Krzysztof Franek, president and CEO of Open-E. “The development of NAS Failover was a logical follow-on to our already existing iSCSI Failover.”

All NASdeluxe NDL-3xxxR/L iSCSI/NAS systemes come with the full version of Open-E DSS V6 and can be upgraded with NAS Failover.

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