NASdeluxe NDL-3000R/L


iSCSI/NAS System NDL-3016R/L with 16x HDD bays

The NASdeluxe NDL-3000R/L iSCSI/NAS System offers NAS, iSCSI and FC (target and initiator) functionality with enhanced management and superior reliability to organizations of all sizes.

Driven by a powerful Areca SAS RAID controller, high Data Transfer Rates are possible with 15k SAS and/or 7.2k SATA HDDs.

  • Expandable with JBODs via SAS-Expansion-Port
  • Snapshot functionality
  • Hardware-based RAID Level 5 and 6 for data protection
  • iSCSI-Clustering of 2 servers (with DSS-Module)

The NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS is a very flexible and OS independent Storage-System. There is no additional cost to connect to the NASdeluxe via iSCSI – just use the iSCSI initiator delivered with the client´s OS. If the NASdeluxe works as NAS, no additional driver is needed.

Components with best quality, redundant PSUs and High-Availability with RAID Level 6 are standard.

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