The NASdeluxe 5000-family is now complete

After NDL-5000R/W series with Windows operating system, the NDL-5000R/L series and NDL-5000 Z-series are now available.

The NDL-5000R/L series with the Open-E DSS V7 software offer the possibility to operate an iSCSI and NFS cluster with failover in Active-Active mode.

The NDL-5000 Z-series with Open-E JovianDSS software are high-available, cost-effective and flexible unified storage for SMB and Enterprise customers.

More information and datasheets on the product pages.

NASdeluxe NDL-5000R/L with Open-E DSS V7

NASdeluxe NDL-5000 Z-series with Open-E JovianDSS

NASdeluxe NDL-5000R/W with  Microsoft Windows Server 2016


Completely new NASdeluxe family with excellent hard- and software.

NASdeluxe has stood for quality in the professional network storage sector for years. The new designed NDL-5000R/W series with Windows operating system is not only a new edition of the established inventory concepts with more modern hardware, but also a flexibly scalable platform for reliable data backup.

More information and datasheet on the product page.

NDL-5000R/W series with Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016

Free update with SMB/CIFS HA cluster for NASdeluxe systems with Open-E JovianDSS available

The NASdeluxe Z-series are very flexible and OS independent storage systems. They are certified for the ZFS-based JovianDSS from Open-E. Thus the NASdeluxe Z-series is the perfect solution for many different storage needs, such as high data protection, high availability, efficient use and fast access times.

According to the new, free update of NASdeluxe systems you have now the possibility to configure a High Availability Cluster with the SMB/CIFS protocol in Open-E JovianDSS.
Thanks to the integrated High Availability Cluster Management, Shared Folder are also available after a failover. Additionally the Shared Folder Access Control Lists (ACL) are supported, which are fully compatible with Windows.

NEW is cluster functionality with the SMB/CIFS protocol

  • Support for Shared Folder with Windows ACL and ADS authentication
  • Access to SMB Shared Folder after failover with integrated High Availability Cluster Management

The update for existing NASdeluxe systems of NDL-4000 Z-series, can be downloaded for free* here.

*For the SMB/CIFS cluster function, JovianDSS High Availability Cluster Feature Pack (liable for costs) is required.

More information about the NASdeluxe Z-series here.